At Aircraft Sales, we specialize in buying, selling, brokering, maintaining and refurbishing Piper Navajo Aircraft.

We have developed a very intensive pre-purchase inspection program to help buyers of Navajo’s to properly evaluate a prospective aircraft.
Our research and experience can save thousands of dollars and value a prospective airplane properly. A poor pre-purchase can set the stage for a very unpleasant experience. We travel anywhere in North America to provide the best service possible.

When you purchase your Navajo through our Sales Department, we will give you a very low cost pre-purchase.

“We work for you, the buyer. We want you to have a pleasant Navajo experience, and not a nightmare of one”!

Our shop can import, license and do any necessary work to bring it to the condition required for your operation and satisfaction. We can give you a reasonable estimate of the cost from our detailed pre-purchase inspection.

There are a wide variety of maintenance standards and our report will help you to know what you are buying and the standard to which it was maintained.

If you are selling a Navajo, we do an analysis of your airplane and inform you where it rates or maintenance and saleability. Up to date Navajo’s are very desirable and saleable.Toime life items service bulletins and AWD’s are covered in our report and will help to establish a fair price for your aircraft. It’s better for you to know what you have when you are selling than to get beat up afterwards.

In short, if you are buying, selling or looking to refurbish or maintain your Navajo, Call Us! We have the experience to help at a price you can afford

We do Navajo’s Best!